UC Berkeley’s Pre-Optometry Club

The Foresight Pre-Optometry Club is a student-run organization that seeks to unite UC Berkeley students and individuals around the area who are interested in pursuing a career in the field of optometry.


Interested in becoming a member of Foresight Pre-Optometry Club? Anyone can join, even if you are not a UC Berkeley student. All you have to do is pay your membership due!

Benefits of membership include:

  • Exclusive rights to participate in the Mentorship Program with current Optometry students at UC Berkeley School of Optometry
  • Networking opportunities when you meet fellow pre-optometry students, alumni, and faculty members
  • Kaplan discounts
  • Test bank access
  • Waterproof Foresight sticker mailed to you
  • and much, much more!


Alice Han

How has Foresight impacted your journey to getting into optometry school?
“Foresight has allowed me to network and creating friendships with like-minded students at Berkeley while learning more about optometry. Being an officer has given me the opportunity to grow as an individual and as a leader in the pre-optometry community. It has also allowed me to give back to the pre-optometry community at Berkeley by educating potential students and holding optometry-related events for them. I have been able to learn from optometry students and faculty members about the field and I owe my pursuit of the field to Foresight.”
How has Foresight affected your experience as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley?
“Foresight is simply my family, a community of people who I can rely on during classes and during the application cycle. It has give me the chance to grow and mature while becoming a leader on campus.”
Your favorite Foresight memory/event:
“Planning and folding Fall Conference 2014. It is significant to me because not only was it my job as an officer, but because of the bonds that I have made with my co-chair Tina and with the Berkeley Optometry and pre-optometry community. It allowed me to meet so many other driven individuals and learn from the best in the field. It also taught me how to be flexible and innovative while working in a team. :)”

Vivian Look

How has Foresight impacted your journey to getting into optometry school?
“Foresight gave me a vast majority of the resources I needed to get into optometry school. Not only did I have information on the nature of the profession, the journey to and through optometry school, and the skills that would make me a strong applicant, but I also reaped the benefit of a really strong support system made of like-minded people.”
How has Foresight affected your experience as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley?
“I was part of Foresight since my very first semester at Berkeley, so it gave me an immediate connection to a smaller community within Berkeley’s large campus. I’ve gained a lot of strong friendships and eventually also had a very rewarding experience giving back to the Foresight community by serving as an officer.”
Your favorite Foresight memory/event:
“There are too many of them to select just one. I loved hiking to the Big C at night and creating beautiful light art with the club. I enjoyed visiting beautiful Napa to volunteer with Lighthouse for the Blind and experiencing their amazing hospitality. I had an amazing time washing guide dogs for Lighthouse as well! I enjoyed bonding with fellow Foresight members on our Winter Road Trip to SoCal, suffering through LA rush hour together and spending all of our free time eating top notch LA food. I loved the cohesiveness I felt while working hard at Foresight officer meetings that ran late in the evening. Foresight provided a vast amount of resources and workshops that enabled me to get into optometry school, but my biggest takeaway by far was the wonderful network of people I got to spend my undergraduate career with. Best of all, these wonderful people are set to become my colleagues in the future! I look forward to it!”

Heena Morar

How has Foresight impacted your journey to getting into optometry school?
“I learned a lot about optometry and the process of applying through foresight, and also became more familiar with the Berkeley opto school which was a great insight.”
How has Foresight affected your experience as an undergraduate at UC Berkeley?
“I met a lot of great people in foresight, and it was encouraging knowing that they will be my peers and fellow doctors in the future. As a transfer student foresight really gave me a “home” for the short time I was at Cal.”
Your favorite Foresight memory/event:
“Can I say all of them? Okay, so I can narrow it down to three. 1) the lighthouse for the blind braille challenge – that event was really fun and very insightful. I had never had any experience with low vision people before and it was amazing to interact with them and learn more about it. 2) Shadowing first years – I learnt a lot and became more familiar with opto lingo and techniques. 3) The dinner with the professors that we just did, it was great to meet them and I loved how personable it was. I also learnt a lot of interesting things about the application process that I can use in the future.”

Helen Kee

“Foresight provided me with a lot of great opportunities and resources to learn about the field of optometry and the application process. It was also wonderful to be able to connect with others who shared similar interests and goals with me!”

Celia Gong

“I probably wouldn’t have pursued Optometry seriously if I didn’t have the support of the people from Foresight. I made a lot of friends here who shared the same ambitions, fears, and interests about Optometry. Especially during application season, I was able to utilize a lot of resources from people at Foresight, which was a big stress reducer!”

Gaozong Yang

“Foresight has been extremely helpful in my journey as a pre-optometry student. I have gained insight on what it takes to become a competitive applicant for Optometry school, experienced lab as a first year through the mentorship program, and most importantly, I have gained an Opto family who has helped and encouraged me during the year and through my application process. I am truly grateful to have been a part of Foresight.”